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Our head brewer Kim Sturdavant prides himself on brewing an array of styles ranging from modern hop forward beers, traditional lagers, historic farmhouse ales, and experimental, off the cusp things that defy categorization.  His favorites express a vast array of flavor while still remaining approachable for easy enjoyment.  He began his beer-making journey in 2006 at Marin Brewing Company where he worked his way up to assistant brewer over the course of five years.  From there he took the head brewer position at Social Kitchen & Brewery where he won two Great American Beer Festival Gold Medals (2015 & 2017) for his English Pale Ale called Mr. Kite's. 


While at Social, he also pioneered the Brut IPA beer style which was recreated all over the world and even brewed en masse by breweries as large as Sierra Nevada.  After traveling the US and Europe to explore breweries in 2019, he landed at Woods Beer and Wine Company where he headed brewing operations for the next 10 months.  He's excited to be a part of Pacifica Brewery and invites our guests to join him in the wonderful exploration of flavors in beer.

Head Brewer
Building the Brewery



We were blessed to walk in to a space full of potential.  When we thought about building the brewery from the ground up we had a blank canvas.  How could we create a unique expression of Pacifica that fit into a quaint coastal town and hold up to the elements?  Why not start with a one of a kind building that was made to rust, but we just call it a patina. The brewery building, designed by BOK Modern, is a system of self supporting steel panels.  Dozens were bolted together and reinforced by sheerwalls to give us our sturdy structure. 


Once we had our frame it was time to design the heart and soul that will be driving the brewery for years to come.  Our space dictated we wanted to design a brewery that incorporated a clean industrial look with good process flow.  From the brewhouse, to the fermentation space, to the serving vessels, to your glass, we wanted all parts to make sense and work for a brewpub that wants to get beer to its patrons in the best manner possible.


Our brewhouse and tanks were all built by Criveller Group in Healdsburg, CA. We chose them because of their high level craftmanship and ability to customize any system. Our 10 barrel brewhouse is designed for ales and lagers which we will be doing many of each.  We strive to produce high quality seasonal beers to match our seasonal food menu. In our brewery we have 5 Fermenters, 2-20 barrel (660 gallons)  tanks and 3-10 barrel (330 gallons)  tanks including room for one more of each.  We have 5 serving tanks that draw directly to the bar. This allows us to keep fresh beer and maximize our space.  


Every detail of the brewery was designed for the ultimate goal of making consistent beers.  We hope that you can find something you love with any one of our selections. 


WE ARE HIRING! We are looking for front of house and back of house team members. If interested, please send us an email at

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