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Monday to Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday to Friday:
12pm to
 4pm- Beer, Wine, Bar bites only, 4pm to 8pm - Dinner

Saturday: 2pm to 8pm

Sunday brunch:  11am to 4pm

Order online or call us to order take-out. Dial 650.735.5311 or click the button above to place an order. See our takeout Dinner menu and  Sunday brunch menu. 

We appreciate your support! 


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Pacifica Brewery is a gastropub serving seasonal and locally sourced foods alongside a vast selection of beers made in-house. Executive chef Sylvain Montassier brings forth comfort foods with a California twist, while brew master Kim Sturdavant whose passion is brewing an array of styles ranging from modern hop forward beers, traditional lagers, historic farmhouse ales, and experimental, off the cusp things that defy categorization.

The Owners



Helen, the owner of Pacifica Brewery, takes great pride in being a native of Pacifica, California. Having grown up amidst the town's stunning coastal scenery, Helen developed a profound appreciation for her hometown and a strong desire to contribute to its growth and prosperity. Choosing to raise her family in Pacifica, she remains committed to the community that has had a profound impact on her life.


Helen often immerses herself in the beauty of Pacifica's trails and beaches. She refuels her spirit and draws inspiration from coastal hikes along the pristine shores. 


Recognizing the unique potential of Pacifica's beachfront setting, Helen determined that a brewpub would be the perfect embodiment of her vision. It had always been her dream to bring together great brews and delectable food, creating an inviting space where locals and visitors alike could enjoy a memorable dining experience.



Nata is a seasoned chef with a passion for Latin-inspired cuisine, boasting an impressive 25-year career in the industry. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Mexico City, Chef Nata's culinary journey began in the heart of the bustling metropolis. From a young age, Chef Nata was captivated by the art of cooking, inspired by the sight of his mother skillfully preparing meals in their family kitchen. He pursued formal culinary education in Mexico two decades ago. Chef Nata's culinary journey has seen him progress from a dedicated line cook to esteemed positions such as sous chef and, ultimately, head chef. For 16 years, he honed his skills at Frascati in Russian Hill and later at Outre in the Marina neighborhood of San Francisco.


Throughout his career, Chef Nata has been driven by a deep appreciation for the traditional flavors of his heritage. His commitment to preserving culinary traditions while infusing them with his own unique flair is evident in every dish he creates. From vibrant street tacos to savory dishes bursting with flavors, he embraces the bold and vibrant tastes that Latin cuisine has to offer and looks forward to sharing them with you.

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The Brewery
brewery front.jpg

4627 Pacific Coast Highway

Pacifica, CA 94044


For questions about online can orders, send us an email at


Monday to Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday to Friday -

12pm to 4pm - Beer, Wine, Bar bites only, 4pm to 8pm - Dinner

Saturday - 2pm to 8pm

Sunday brunch - 11am to 4pm

Four EV charging stations available

WE ARE HIRING! We are looking for front of house and back of house team members. If interested, please send us an email at

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